Wired for Health

The Wired for Health Study is a randomized clinical study that will evaluate the impact of remote wireless monitoring for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and arrhythmias.

This study will test whether wireless monitoring can reduce health care costs and increase health self-management for patients with chronic health conditions.

About the Study

A total of 100 individuals in the Monitoring Group will be provided with iPhones and the wireless device(s) most appropriate for monitoring their particular medical diagnosis. Patients will use the devices for a period of six months. The study will look at the patients’ health care insurance claims and compare them to the insurance claims of the 100-person Control Group.

For the study, HealthComp is working with these companies:


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is selected to participate?
A person is potentially eligible to participate in this study if he or she has diabetes, hypertension, or a cardiac arrhythmia.
Who is HealthComp?
HealthComp is responsible for processing all health care insurance claims for employees and dependents of Scripps Health. HealthComp also administers health and wellness programs to Scripps Employees and dependents and will the primary point of contact for study participants.
Why are so many different companies involved in this study?
This study has several different components, including iPhones, three wireless health monitoring devices, iPhone apps, and a health tracking and education portal. Each company involved in the study is responsible for a different component.
Will participants interact with all of these companies?
No, only HealthComp clinical staff and Scripps Translational Science Institute research coordinators will work with the study participants.
Are patients’ personal physicians involved in the study?
Participants’ physicians are not part of this study and will not receive testing results unless a participant provides it to him or her. HealthComp clinical staff and researchers at the Scripps Translational Science Institute will receive and house participants’ results, but only for research purposes.
Will participants benefit from participating in this research?
Upon completion of the study, participants will receive a $20 gift card, in addition to 10 Scripps Health Wellness points. If a Scripps employee earns 15 Wellness points in a calendar year (through participating in other Scripps Wellness activities), they are eligible for a reduction in health insurance costs.
What will happen to participants if they agree to be in the study?
If a participant agrees to be in the study, he or she will be assigned to one of two groups. Participants in the Monitoring Group will be given a wireless device, trained on how to use it, and will be asked to self-monitor vitals using the device(s) for 6 months. Participants in the Control Group will not receive a monitoring device or be asked to self-monitor vitals.
Will participants’ employer or health insurance company be able to find out their results?
Participants’ research results will be used for research purposes only. They will not become part of Scripps employment, medical, or insurance records.